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Internal Marketing

Internal Awareness and Marketing

Many times there needs to be an increased internal awareness and marketing of the data warehousing and business intelligence program. In today's economy, with business results the key to getting a project staffed and implemented, an internal awareness and marketing campaign is essential. Even after the project is approved and budgeted, it's important to get business sponsors, users, and IT staff excited and involved. Your data warehouse might be viewed as successful but budgets have been cut because of the business perception that it is "good enough." Our staff will provide presentations, workshops or seminars for your business sponsors, business users or IT staff who will be involved in your data warehousing and business intelligence projects.

To help promote your project, we will meet with your DW/BI project team, business users and business sponsors to determine the perception of your data warehouse program and future expectations. After interviewing your team to determine where you want to drive your data warehousing program, we will conduct a gap analysis and recommend an internal awareness and marketing campaign to increase the likelihood of successfully moving your data warehouse program forward.

The campaign will consist of a series of presentations, workshops or training sessions that may be delivered to your business sponsors, business users (existing or desired) and IT team. The presentations might range in duration from 60-90 minutes and cover topics pertinent to selling the business benefits of the data warehouse program in the context of your industry and company specifically. Workshops would provide information on what is involved in a data warehousing from a business, technology and project perspective. These workshops are geared towards knowledge transfer and helping set expectations for your program.