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Data Warehouse Architecture

Architecture Design & Project Planning

Athena IT Solutions will review your existing or proposed business intelligence and data warehouse architecture. We will leverage your work to date and objectively assess where you are compared to best practices.

We will examine your data warehouse architecture along the following dimensions:

Architecture Deliverables
  • Define what data is needed to meet business user needs.
  • Examine the completeness and correctness of source systems that are needed to obtain data.
  • Identify the data facts and dimensions.
  • Define the logical data models.
  • Establish preliminary aggregation plan.
  • Define the framework for the transformation of data into information from the source systems to information used by the business users.
  • Recommend the data stages necessary for data transform and information access.
  • Develop source-to-target data mapping for each data stage.
  • Review data quality procedures and reconciliation techniques.
  • Define the physical data models.
  • Define technical functionality used to build a data warehousing and business intelligence environment.
  • Identify available technologies available and review tradeoffs associated between any overlapping or competing technologies.
  • Review current technical environment and company's strategic technical directions.
  • Recommend technologies to be used to meet your business requirements and implementation plan.
  • List product categories needed to implement the technology architecture.
  • Review tradeoffs between overlapping or competing product categories.
  • Outline implementation of product architecture in stages.
  • Identify short list of products in each of these categories.
  • Recommend products and implementation schedule.