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Training: Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Project Management

Project Management Course

Project management is especially critical for a data warehouse project. Without good management, projects are prone to being short on required resources. They are late, over budget, low quality and, most importantly, they don’t meet expectations.

The data warehouse project manager must embrace new tasks and deliverables, develop a different working relationship with the users, and work in an environment that is far less defined than with traditional operational systems.

The project management course helps managers develop the skills they need to usher their projects through all phases of planning and implementation. It provides a solid basis on: test data, metadata planning, data stewardship, governance, backup planning, ROI measurement, documentation, support preparation, user training, communications planning, and other elements of a successful data warehouse.

What you will learn:

Who Should Attend:

This course is for business and technical managers who may be planning or managing a business intelligence application or data warehouse project, but is also suitable for anyone who wants to understand what is involved in managing either a business intelligence or data warehouse project. Typical attendees are:


Two day classroom instruction. Optional one-day workshop (see below).

Prerequisite Education or Experience:

Introductory course for data warehousing or basic exposure to business intelligence or data warehousing projects.

Course Outline:


Section 1: What is BI & DW
(optional: if attendees need)

Section 2: DW Methodology

Section 3: DW Processes

Section 4: DW Roles & Responsibilities

Section 5: DW Project Planning

Section 6: DW Project Planning

Section 7: DW Assessment Activities

Section 8: DW Data Design Activities

Section 9: DW Data Preparation Activities

Section 10: DW BI Activities

Section 11: DW Testing, Deployment & Roll-out

Section 12: Conclusions

Section 13: Optional One-Day Workshop

You may choose to add an additional, custom, one-day consulting workshop in which the instructor will work with your team on a particular issue you are facing. This option will add one day of training plus up-front consulting work to prepare for the workshop.

Workshop Sessions:

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